mbuilders and konsehal abet mariano humble beginnings

 Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.  MARK 11:24

About Us

Experienced , Reliable . our goal is to become the leading hardware store in the philippines on 2023

what is mariano builders or mbuilders

MARIANO BUILDERS is a hybrid hardware store that outstand the traditional hardware. It’s much organized and Clean yet more affordable and have quality products compare to hardware in other streets or mall. 

It is born from its parent the A.P, Mariano trading a hardware— with 32 years of experience in hardware store industry. 

Why Start franchising Hardware Store Business?

If you are looking for a business to start as an entrepreneur and you know you have an interest in running a store, then you should consider starting your own hardware store business

When you ask a child or an adult what is there ultimate dream? They will answer “car” and “dream house”! Everybody wants a house actually needs a house in order to live. That’s a great business opportunity for you. Whenever there’s a house there’s a business for you. That’s why you have to choose “HARDWARE BUSINESS” 

All items have a long shelf life and some has no expiration date like hardware tools that we use in our house. Compare to grocery, pharmacy, food business etc.. Hardware business is much safer because you don’t need to care about the expiration date.

It is important to point out that hardware store business is one the businesses that can’t go out of fashion because of the role it plays in our society. The start-up capital for this type of business is 400k-600k-1M

The mark up is between 25%-100% it depends on the saleability and demand of the item. 

Industry Overview:

Stores in the Hardware Stores industry primarily retail a broad range of Products such as hardware, plumbing, electrical and paint-related, pipes, lights, cements, steel ,plywood, tools et al

If you are a follower of happenings in the industry, you would have noticed that the industry has steadily improved over the five years to 2018. As the housing market has strengthened and consumer confidence has revived, individuals have started home improvement projects.

More agricultural lots are becoming residential lots. Subdivision developments are on its peak, Government project the “BUILBD BUILD BUILD PROGRAM OF PRESIDENT DUTERTE “ have greatly increased the needs of hardware and construction supply.. soon to open at ace hardware locations

We Truly Care


We help the community in giving affordable and quality Products because  everyone  deserves a quality life . Every year we help our fellows citizen by having a charity works like free school supplies for public school students , free medical mission and pamaskong handog.  We believe in abundance mentality

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed


We are happy to see our clients and franchisee happy! our name is your Guarantee  "Mariano Builders Building your dreams into reality"

what is your excuse?

if he can do it , you can do it!

Who Are We ? our achivements will speaks for it self

trust is our foundation ! the owner have 50,000 ofw  members around the globe.  he wants to help them thats why he keep on thinking how he can help them to go home for good ! everytime sir abet speaks infront of ofw around the world one thing is common. all of his members wants to go home and  live with their family. they really wanna go home but they need to sacrife for the sake of their family. one day konsehal abet got an idea "what if my ofw friends will have a stable business ? like hardwar

What if you only have 112,000 -44800 what business you must

if you want to start business but you have no enough capital to start i have a great suggestion for you. this is our expert advice for you , tried and tested our results will speak for itself 

konsehal abet achievements and challenges

Im konsehal Abet Mariano, im 26 years old when i became a millionaire & visitd 8 countries. i also invested my hard-earned money in Commercial and residential lots. in 2015 i decided to hire a contractor and build my 24million  botique  hotel 4storey with penthouse and swimming pool but my contractor fooled me he said hes a stractural engr but not. he build a substandard (beyond retrofitting)building life is not always about success sometimes you need to fail in order to survive game called life